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Avinor is a wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 44 state-owned airports. Avinor has taken a leading role in reducing climate gas emissions from the aviation industry, including the development of electric aircrafts and supplying sustainable jet-biojetfuel. Avinor provides safe and efficient travels for around 50 million passengers annually, half of which travel to and from Oslo Airport.

Digital Signage Oslo Airport.

Digital Signage


Avinor uses Dataserver and Omnivex on most of the screens you see inside the airport, which shows advertisements and useful flightdata for passengers. As a passenger, there are many of the screens that you never will see. These screens are used by those who handle the aircrafts, public agencies, as well as internal use by Avinor.

Digital Signage Oslo Airport.
Digital Signage Oslo Airport.
Digital Signage Oslo Airport.
Digital Signage Oslo Airport.

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