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Ibase Technology has been one of Dataserver's most important partners since the company's inception and are today a leader in its field within the industry. Ibase delivers solutions within embedded systems, RISC based motherboards and digital signage players to the corporate market that require hi-end products.

IBASE Technology

Ibase Technology is today a leader in their field and has offices on locations at all continents. They deliver technology to the corporate market that requires hi-end products and to customers that have great demands regarding quality and stability. The company delivers solutions within embedded systems, RISC-based motherboards and as the only supplier, the company's digital signage player can be connected to as many as twenty-four separate screens. Dataserver has been one of Ibase Tehchnolgy's partners since the beginning back in 2010.We customize and adapt the solution so that the technology is optimally utilized for each individual customer.